Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Heathkit + Ten-Tec = AWESOME?!?

... If Heathkit (Yes, they are back from the grave again!) could team with Ten-Tec's line of Rebel XCVRs to produce an expandable line of radios that combine kitbuilding, SDR, and programming?
Think K2, but simpler. Maybe start off with single band dc receiver. The next part of the kit could be an interface that allows you to hook in a computer. So now you've built the basis for an SDR receiver. Then you can add a TX board, and go on from there. By keeping it modular and open source, you can keep cost down. Plan it the right way, and you could even use it in a class to teach radio fundamentals, and licensing that goes beyond the usual "Memorize and regurgitate".
  I think my ham radio generation of operators could really get into something like this. I'll take the Heathkit survey when I get home. I hope you will take it too.


Took the survey, while sitting in my radio shack, with an SW-40+ tuned to a QSO between W9ZN and AA4MC great CW ops those guys! remarkably clean fists.
Took the survey on my cellphone, something I don't think I could solder together myself (but I might be willing to try once!), in front of an old Swan MX100 and a partially disassembled Heathkit station monitor (HO-10).  I told them I had two Heathkits. Sadly both are out of repair at the moment.
I hope they at least offer some spiffy green paint for sale!


Andrew said...

Damn good idea. Hope they hear you. 73 de KE8P

Dave New said...

I still have a Heathkit mug...