Monday, November 2, 2009

Koalas are Cool

or so I say...
Upgraded two laptops to Ubuntu 9.10-AMD64 Karmic Koala last nite while watching the original V-miniseries on SyFy. So far, so good. Interface looks cool. Got some sort of bug with 'npviewer' that everyone seems to be getting if they use firefox. hmmmm... Seems like I remember that being a problem at first in 9.04 too. Main thing I did with this one though is that instead of doing a "fresh" install, I did an upgrade from the package manager. Oh, I downloaded and baked the iso using BitTorrent, but still, I wanted to try something different. Everything seems to have transfered hot gravy like so it's all good.

We'll see!

need to study some more php.