About Me

I like Dr. Pepper!

oh, and I love my wife!

other than that, what's important for you to know about me? 
1.  Sometimes, I get things right.
2.  Sometimes, I get things wrong.
3.  This blog can be about anything.
       A.  Ham radio probably makes up most of the posts
       B.  I will write about faith.
       C.  I am including more poetry and pictures, no kittens if I can help it.
4.  I value interaction.  If you have a thought, please share.
5.  I've done a lot of weird things, from listening to the Grateful Dead on the radio in an army surplus store in Jerusalem, to getting my toenails painted as part of a lesson on beautiful feet.
6.  You can't surprise me.
7.  When summer breeze blows
     Morning time brings a new chance
     Lost at other times.