Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Exciting things afoot...

M'k ya'll listen up,
it's my daughter's third birthday! Yeah!
we marked this milestone by taking her to the dentist, and having four teeth removed and replaced with a bridge. Does that make me a mean dad?
maybe, but we did have a party saturday already, and it rawked! She's at her grandmother's house recuperating along with my traumatized wife. Poor things.

Did install the heron on the ole lappy... ... and the lappy is about dead me thinks. Fans are goin' down, it's just a matter of tiempo. stupid fans...
who wants to buy me a mac?

ok, so weird ruby thing I learned last week:
system("cd ./some_dir/") will not change directories!
cd is not a command found in bin. idk what's up with that, enlighten me oh great Internet Mystics!