Bromeliad Madness!

I'm writing more posts about Bromeliads, so this page will hold a reference to all my articles on bromeliads!

Things About Tillandsias

In this section I will link all the articles I've written about bromeliads in the genus Tillandsia

The Original Three Part article

  1.  It's the Bromeliads! They're Everywhere! (Tillandsia usneoides)
  2. The Bromeliads are Upon Us! The Sequel. (Tillandsia recurvarta)
  3. Attack of the Bromeliads Part 3: Revenge of the Needle (Tillandsia setacea)

Other Tillandsia Articles

Random articles loosly arranged catagorically. Date Included.

A Spiritual Look at Airplants

Bromeliad Species Profiles

Feel free to reference these articles in any research you may be doing with bromeliads, just please provide an appropriate citation, and consider dropping a buck or two on the "donate" button located at the upper right hand margin of this blog!

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