Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Friends Vs Friendly

There's a difference between your friends and people you treat in a friendly manner.
Part of it is boundary issues, you place a boundary further out from people you treat friendly than you would your friends.
Boundaries are healthy to a point, but they can be a crutch too.
If we don't set boundaries, we can compromise our character.
If we set them too far out, we can nullify the effectiveness of our character to influence others positively.
There is wisdom to learning when to treat people friendly, and when to call them your friend.
Sometimes, a little intentional placing of faith in someone you pretty sure doesn't deserve it but you do it anyway because you want to call them your friend can go a long way toward creating a better world. I think this is especially true in places where society forces us to be friendly without being friends, like work.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Habits, Their Importance and Purpose

I'm a big believer in good habits.  I don't always have them,  but I know I should. Sometimes I make habits I know are bad for me.  It starts innocent enough, "Sure I'd like Jelly Cake with my Bread Pudding!" Next thing you know, extra desserts are a habit.
And you're 50lbs over weight.
Good habits are harder to start I think because the reward is more ephemeral. There's usually some pleasurable carnal reward for bad habits. Sugar tastes good, laziness is self gratifying... you get the picture.

James 1:14 talks about some of the consequences of developing bad habits though: Desire leads to sin, sin leads to death. This makes developing good habits important, and indeed, James 1:2-4 talks about how testing our faith leads us first to steadfastness, then to completion. The contrast is between faith and desire. Test your faith, do not indulge your desires. I think that the same situations can lead to one or the other.

My plan over the next few months is to make some good habits, and through these good habits, my faith will be tested. These habits include:


  • regular exercise. Jogging and weights
  • Intentionally eating differently. More protein, fewer carbs. 
  • Eating less overall.
  • Early to bed - in bed by 11pm every night
  • Early to rise - up at 5am to start the day

  • Regular Devo time with the family
  • Praying over my kids. I mean through physical contact. 
  • Pray alone in the mornings
  • Pray with my wife in the evenings