Saturday, November 5, 2011

To Your Health!

Recently several things have converged in my thinking on life, society, The Way Things Are, and the Way Things Should Be.
1.  Through the efforts of my beautiful, loving, caring, sensitive, knowing, wise, and hott wife, I am discovering something I've known for a long time.  The "food" I have been eating is killing me.  This includes Doritos and ice cream.
2.  I have been watching the economy lately, here and abroad.  Several things are converging which lead me to believe that we live in interesting times.  I think primarily, it's an issue of democracy.  We live in an era of democritized media, democritized entertainment, and democritized government. People everywhere are showing a lack of discernment.  If people lack discernment, they will give their power to one who will sieze by force whatever the selfish want.  Caesar is not dead. He waits.
3.  My kids are growing.  I want them to be useful.  I want them to know how to make things, to be unafraid in making them, and to know that what they do is for the good of a Kingdom, and not for just themselves.
4.  I am meant to be stronger than I am.

I've talked before about inertia being my enemy.  I've made bracelets to fight inertia, read books, expanded my mind, exercized logic, and now it is time to exercize my body.
I'm changing my regular diet.
I'm reading more of my Bible, and watching less entertainment, and more informational TV (If TV can properly convey information, whole nother subject for a whole nother time.
But most importantly I'm exercizing my body.
A little at a time.
A little more some days, a little less others.

It's slow.
Mainly, right now, I am working on a solution to the problem, not a solution to the symptoms.
Make sense?
Lassiez les bon temps roulez!