Tuesday, May 21, 2013


This is a Passalid beetle according to my entomologist connection.


Found this sucker in my shoe!
This will be a pic heavy post. I am saving for an entomologist friend of mine.

out my shoe, and on the carport floor
Keys for size comparison

Inside a babyfood jar, wet from the holding jar

Dried it off some.

Give you an idea of size.

belly Shot, squirmin'

closest I could get and still maintain focus

In the Kill Jar

I think it's in denial

finally it embraces the end

Rest in Peace Beetle. Shot at f/7.1 to get all in focus.

More "artsy" shot at f5.6 to soften things up a bit.

After I consult my entomologist friend, I'll have information about specific species, etc. His intial guess was that it is a Carabid beetle, however, as I got better pics, he is leaning toward Passalid.

To be continued!

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