Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Getting in Shape

In my Constant Battle against Inertia, I have decided to embrace a new diet and exercise routine. The diet part focuses around using fewer carbs, more protein, and raw fruits/veggies. For several meals a week (up to 2 a day) I will be consuming a Nutriblast, made from various fruits/veggies, nuts, etc. I will post my nutriblast recipes, and exerperience with each one. A nutriblast is what the people who made the Nutribullet call the smoothie made by the nutribullet.

I'll also be throwing around a Kettlebell.
Today I am going to take my girls on a run/walk to the park where I will engage in play with them, incorporating several crossfit like activities, like doing laterals while pushing them on the swingset, inclined pushups on various pieces of gear, sprints from one side of the play area to the other, and stretches thrown all about, because I'm not as flexible and spry as I once was.
Don't be afraid to share your experiences with Kettlebell, crossfit, or the nutribullet!
Encouragement is also welcome.

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