Friday, April 8, 2011

Fresh Herbs and Hot Peppers Make Me Smile


"Take the Train to Happy Town!" W00T! W00T!

Above you you see my latest adventures in both omelettes and the absurd. in that bowl are today's featured ingredients, A habenero, a serrano, and a cayenne, it's like some joke wrapped in an eggy blanket.

or a dare.

I love the spicy things, and today's omelette was a little spicy. It was also a little sloppy, and cooked too fast. I put too many mushrooms in it. Too fast, too spicy, too much filling. All about extremes today. Take a look:

I couldn't even get it folded over. Here's the ingredients:

sliced habenero chilli with the seeds removed.
sliced serrano chilli with the seeds removed.
chopped green cayenne with the seeds intact.
sliced bell pepper
sliced mushrooms
swiss cheese
garden fresh sage and rosemary.
garlic (browned in butter before adding eggs.)

I wanted to make a skull and crossbones garnish out of the mushroom and bellpepper, but the overall sloppiness of the omelette takes away from that.
To summarize, last week's omelette was perfect, this week's omelette is spicy. It's a dare.
I can do better.
I can make spicy and perfect.
Do you have a spicy food story? One where you were surprised by spicy?

Lame attempt at Skull-n-bones:

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