Thursday, April 17, 2008

First Fruit!

If you consider squash a fruit, my garden is bearing fruit!

first one came out yesterday, and i planted two more seeding maters, some betterboys to be exact. some of the romas are in bloom, and soon we'll be up to our garterbelts in tomatoes!
i can't wait.

pepper plants are doin' fine too.

i silently thanked a foraging bluejay yesterday i spied chompin' on some insects round the garden. birds are awesome like that.

some notes on C++
it's lame compared to ruby, but at the same time it grows on you. the structure takes a while to appear, but at least it's not as bad as something totally lame like visual basic at least.

lets face it, you'll not be using gedit or anything sans smart tab complete to write a vb program, yet w/ c++ there are shortcuts.

ruby is still my baby though.

it's a wonderful mess.


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