Wednesday, April 23, 2008

ah yes the very sweetness of life!

so, m'kay,
this is my last C++ class, the final exam. If I pass this I can put that i have C++ experience on my resume. now i just need to get involved in some open source project to keep my skillz sharp, and to learn more. right now i'm reading through a book designed for people who know C to get ninja in C++ and that's alright. just pokin' about in it mainly.

also ordered a new battery for the old school lappy that runs FreeBSD 6.3. when it arrives i'm gonna seriously reconsider using that one all the time, the cooling fan works better.

go figure.

that was when laptops were men!

GB Hoyt

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:-P said...

for open source involvement, two words:

When men used to be men they wrote their own drivers.