Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Randomly Yours

Life is funny you know.
Several things are going on right now.
Happy New Year!
Here's a brief run down:
I got new Glasses

  • I got some new eyes!
  • We just got done with some great Christmas shenanigans. Earlier this year, we decided to surprise my parents at Christmas eve service. I wanted to make my Momma cry at Church, and we did! Only my Grandma, and one of my cousins knew. The kids had a great time, and it was good to see my Brother, my Sister, and their children. 
  • I'm planning something very interesting for Church, it's called Project VOLTAGE. More about that on the BASIC blog later on.
  • I'm always watching birds, check out  The Birding Biker for the latest news on that front.
The Bike has been Refurbished
  • By the end of February, I'm going to have my old radio shack empty. Then, it will be torn down, and replaced with something newer, weatherproof, and air conditioned. Until then, most radio projects are on hold.
  • New Tubes, New Shack, New fun!
  • We've got some awesome family plans for this summer, I can't wait to share what were up to next!

I hope your new year sees you happy, healthy, and wise!

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