Thursday, February 12, 2015

Longing for Westernesse

I need to shave, get ready for work, pick something else up, but something running loose in my head right now and I have to get this out there.

There's a fine line between loving and accepting, and how you understand that could very well affect your your soul.

No more time to expound. Can't elaborate. Just don't want to loose that thread.
Do you understand the difference between loving something and accepting it? Do you know when to apply each.

furthermore (this is related in one of those random clear to me, not so clear to others ways), what if the telos for the whole English language and grammar was to ensure that for the perpetuity of this existence that sun would sound like Son? Do you see the lessons there?

I did it, got shaved, to work on time, and picked something else up. I even dumped out the compost onto the compost pile.
I need to think some more on the difference between love and acceptance. There's something about holiness there that can't be grasped by the non-Christian mind. There's also something deep about loving someone without accepting their behaviors. I love a lot about myself, but there's a lot of things I don't accept, I guess I need to start by defining acceptance.
To Be Continued.... I got some insomnihacking to do.

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