Saturday, December 6, 2014

Hand Full of Parts 2.

Thursday, G asked me about building her radio as soon as I was up and drinking coffee.

"Wouldn't you rather run some errands with me instead?" I asked. I didn't want to push radio on her.

"Ok!" She just wanted to hang out. That's cool by me too.

After we returned, she wanted to play out back again, and she did so, my wife and I could hear her singing outside. I stepped outside to keep an eye on her more better. As I crossed the threshold of the door the question came again:

"Daddy, can we build my radio some more?"

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"Uh huh!" she said, blonde hair bouncing as she ran to the shack.

We sat down and she informed me that she wanted to keep testing the capacitors while I stuffed holes and soldered. I laughed, and said "OK"
Things went well, and I invited her over to clip a lead or too. She liked that, I figured she would, since she loves cutting her own hair, why not give the radio a cut too!
The fun lasted about 20 minutes, and then G decided to practice casting with her Barbie fishing pole, so that's what we did next.
This radio has less than 20 parts, and it's already taken me longer than the SMK-1.
Something seems a bit more fun about it though.

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