Monday, December 8, 2014


so the band was pretty well non-productive at 21-2200UTC yesterday. Noise floor way too high, and I couldn't hear anything over the whole CW section.
I tried calling CQ a few times, no spots.
I checked out the RBN for North American to North American Spots on 80m CW, and what was getting spotted seemed to be close in single hop (maybe) type contacts. Exactly what you'd expect when the Solar Conditions have the A index at 13, and the K is 4. RADIO BLACKOUT.
It was frustrating.
I did call CQ CBLA, and I did call CQ AWA, just don't think the propagation was there.
Maybe next time.
Fortunately, over night the conditions cleared up, and things could be shaping up for an interesting late evening on 3579. I can't guarantee I'll QRV, but now would be a good time:

Eastern U.S. Sector Infrared Enhancement 4
The map above is from, and seems to indicate that everything is moving off to the east, and the next system isn't off the west coast yet. I should be set for some contacts in the midwest, possibly the North East, if there's no snow/rain static.
Weather is supposed to cool down here. That's down to 50 tonight, and low 40s the rest of the week.
We shall see!
In the mean time, I have a regen to complete and a powesupply to ponder.
Hope somebody out there gets QRV tonight on 3579KC.

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