Tuesday, February 21, 2012

There's Strange and There's Providence

...and there's business as usual.
This is a little of all of the above.
Recently a Friend (see previous post for discussion on friendship) made a blog post about meeting a murderer. He's all the time doing crazy things.
Part of my Theology begins with the following assumptions:
There's Strange
There's Providence
There's Business as Usual.

I'd say that for Matt, his post illustrates all three. It's strange because these folks were just standing around talking, it's providence because Matt was right there, at the right time, with the right word, and it's business as usual because this isn't the first time Matt's had this conversation about Gospel presentation style, I have proof!
Here he is, circa 1999 (Maybe early 2000) talking to a member of "The Bible Baptist Church of Deland":
That's Matt on the left, with the backpack. Matt was feeding the homeless in downtown Orlando, sharing with them the Gospel, and some sack lunches. Often we would be able to have conversations with folks in Downtown. On Friday nights, these guys would be out there with a similar message to Brother Jed and Brother Micah in Matt's blog post.

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