Monday, January 30, 2012

Ambrosia, Part 1

Fifthly rambuncion!
Fifthly rambuncion pearly man say on the day of the staying homeness.
Off to the west!
Cna I feel a persimmon gimmin to the teeth?
she asks
I find it to be cartoon on the chin to win the grin from within!
respons the lad.
repose and switch scene.
Grasped, said Lady makes way to boat, held tight as a lover by her lover in the boat, she stutters a recollection of breezes, and doesn't want to take five for an answer
This is about the west is it not?
Her lover is in fear, so he asks questions on his mind and heart
This is about us
a sigh and pushes off the bank down the land of glass and earth. up stream the paddling, too far left and it is over the edge, too far right and it nowhere.
Can you see the fishes here?
Eyes ask more about seeing than her lips.

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