Monday, August 29, 2011

Telos - The End

I have had what I would consider an interesting life.  Born into a Navy family full of travellers, I've had many opportunities to meet different people, experience different parts of the country and see different parts of the world.  One of my biggest desires in life is to share the connections I see between seemingly disconnected pieces of the puzzle known as "Earth" and "Life".  I believe in a God who has done, will do, and is doing strange things in an effort to help us see these connections too.  We all play a small part in something I've known as "Telos" or "The End" end meaning not a stopping point, but a purpose.  For a while I've seen myself in a role that has made me the proclaimer of "The Telos", a herald of the way, something most people refer to as 'preacher' or 'evangelist'.  I've spent hours preparing material that basically says the same thing over and over again:
0.  The Universe is apart from God, contrary to His Telos because humanity has made a Telos for itself despite the fact our knowledge of the implication of our self made Telos is limited, incomplete, and contrary to what has already been proclaimed.
1.  God Himself has made a Way of reconciliation and restoration to Him.
2.  Without that Way, you will not see His Telos in this 'Earth'
3.  This Way is through and along side of His Son Jesus, whom He sent as Himself in the flesh
4.  Your role in "The Telos" can only be realized as you walk the Way God has/will/is providing.

As I see it, ever sermon you hear will be about one of those five points. 
I could be wrong, but that's what I see.  Usually, when I preach, I try to combine points 1, 2, 3. I want to leave you walking along the Way. Point 4 takes the longest to workout, and accept because you will constantly be realizing your role in the Telos until the Telos is realized. Point 0 is obvious when observing the 'evil in the world', and overarches, influences, sometimes contradicts, sometimes reinforces each of the other points.

I want to help you understand that God's purpose for you is for Him and you to mold your self-made Telos into His Telos, to follow that Telos to it's finality, and to rejoice in the acceptance of its rewards.  

EDIT: I've seen Telos spelled Telos, Telios, and Teleos. I don't understand there to be any differences between them all, just  understand I am refering to The End of the Process in it's most generic consideration.


The Louisiana Bayou Rat said...

Profoundly accurate as compared to my own observations. My lessons are not so organized as they bear on single points most of the time. sometimes you tempt me to pride. But I try to remember, it's not the fall we should worry about ... (you can guess the rest)

RM Hoyt said...

I have always said that I would love to have a window where I could look into your brain as you think, ponder and proceed so I could witness compact lightening!