Thursday, August 11, 2011

Having Cake, and Eating it Too

Yessir, last night was the night that I was able to have my cake and eat it too, and then I was able to have my cake, and eat it too.

First, when I got home, I had cake, chocolate to be exact.  There's some left, so I'll probably have more when I get home.

Then, I had radio cake, and ate it too.
First, I gathered my antenna makin' knife, and headed out to the shack, fully intending to make a J-pole for 2m.  Then I broke out "The Killer Watt Radio", tuned around, and discovered several people already in conversation, including a M0 that was really strong.  I caught the end of the QSO, but he didn't stick around for a tail end QSO.  I did some further tuning and heard a CQ, a guy was calling CQ DX, and from his strength and lack of QSB, I thought it was a guy in the North east. 
"Let's see who he works," I thought.
Well Imagine my surprise when the call that I copied came back as G0NXA! 
"Hey, I'm the DX!" I muttered.
I couldn't resist, and had a pleasant QSO with Giles near Tewkesbury.  Thanks Giles!  After our first exchange, lightening crashes started coming in, and I was thankful that "TKWR" was hooked up to speakers and not earbuds.  Even with the RF gain reduced, it would still rattle the speakers.
With the threat of lightening in my area, we've been under the threat of showers for the last 3 days, I decided to ground my antenna, and QRT for the night, leaving me totally involved in making a 2m J-Pole.  The J-Pole was made using 'low loss' 300 ohm tv twinlead, a relic item perhaps, but one you can still get at Radio Shack.  I bought this stuff several years ago, it was on sale.  jacket and insulation is still in good shape, copper on the inside is bright. Sounds Good 2 go for me!
After testing out the dipole, and trimming to resonance for the part of the band that I wanted, I had another voice QSO via the K4LKL repeater with Rich, KJ4INW.  He was using his handie-talkie and sounded pretty good. We talked a few minutes, until it was bed time for me.

I'll have to do a review of the j-pole tonight sometime after I get home from work.  I want to check into the K4LKL net.  I built the j-pole with that net in mind, the rubber duck don't work from my desk. 

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