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Howdy! I'm using this page to hold information about various ham radio related projects I do.
You will find things about antennas, kits, circuits, and other cool things.

This Blog:

My St Louis Vertical Post

Twin Tube 80:

Chapter 1: The Power Supply
Chapter 2: Why the White Wire is Hot
Chapter 3: Totally Tubular Transmission and Technical Tidbits
Chapter 4: Clean Up and Key Down
Chapter 5: Ecstasy and Agony
Chapter 6: After Action Report and Rebuild Plans
Chapter 7: Persnickety Power Problems Pwned and Pacified 
Chapter 8: Walking in the Hollow State
Appendix A: WAS

The W3EDP!

The Original W3EDP Post
Deploying the W3EDP, and comparing to a Dipole!
Direct link to W3EDP Youtube Playlist 
How the W3EDP is deployed in 2013
Adding a W3EDP for Comparison Purposes
W3EDP Over Time
Last Minute Hurricane Ready W3EDP

Fun with End Fed Half Wave Antennas:

More Fun with End Fed Antennas Part 1
More Fun with End Fed Antennas Part 2
More Fun with Iron Donuts: Part 3

Creating a Skeleton Sleeve Dipole

Great Podcasts/Blogs