Monday, February 4, 2019

Ham Radio Projects

The month of February will see the end of my shack. I have declared it so.

    I'm only making room for a new shack, so I'm not giving up the hobby, just the space until a new shack is built. Before the new shack is assembled, I have a couple of things I'd like to see come to fruition. First I'd like a mobile station again. Something VHF/UHF, HF is desired, but not necessary. I'd like to spend around $300 on the whole setup, from antenna, to feedline, to radio. I know that means getting used gear unless I go the cheap from China route. Having a ham radio hobby is great fun, but the most fun is when I can use it for public service. Having a mobile station is the first thing I can do to get me back to Ham Radio Volunteer, and not solely a casual hobby operator. Second, I need to work with my wife on getting a station set up internal to the house. I'd like something portable covering HF through UHF, with some attic antennas. It will take planning, work, and effort in cramped places, but it will be worth it because it will give me a place to operate when getting outside won't be feasible, if something happens to the shack, and because of "project" number 3.
Some of my kids seem to like electronics, and a couple occasionally express interest in ham radio. As I become more active as a volunteer, I want to fold them into that aspect of the hobby, both so that we can spend time together, and so that they can learn they have a role to play in society at large. My third project is to work with my kids, to make at least one more Ham. I think it will work because my girls are wicked smart, like electronics, and every now and again they ask me about radio.
We shall see.
three projects, one involving public service, one involving stealth operations (but that's not the point) and the third involving making more radio amateurs.

Anyone got a nice mobile rig that would be good for public service use in a vehicle?

Let's see how February goes!

I almost forgot to ask!
what would you experiment with first?
1. A short helically loaded antenna for 160m?
2. Dual band (40/20) portable trapped dipole?