Saturday, August 31, 2013

Bhut Jolokia, Down the Hatch!

Yummy yummy yummy, can't wait to do the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion. Yes I have one.

Ok, here's the story,
I've eaten hot peppers since I was a too curious for my own good 8 year old boy visiting his grandparents, wondering just how hot is the homegrown cayenne Grandpa was eating in his omellette. Grandpa gave me an omellete like his, only with a green pepper (not nearly as hot) and I was in love. I thought I was eating fire. Eventually, I graduated to red cayennes, and they are still to this day, my favorite pepper of all time. They just taste nice. When I was in college I discovered habeneros. The first one I ever ate, actually put me in shock. It was a pale yellow/green color, about like a banana pepper, and I was in a "Crazy enough to try anything twice!" kind of mood. I have since grown to love habs, and wanted to stretch out my pepper handling ability. A buddy from church also loves hot chilis and he gave me a bag full of his own home grown bhut jolokias and trnidad moruga scorpions (TMS).
So far, the bhut I ate in that video was the hottest pepper I've ever eaten. It was tasty too. I was glad that I got to taste the pepper pretty good before the heat hit. That's my one complaint with Habs, they taste great, but the heat seems to hit before the tasting is done. Take a hab, de-seed and take the placental bits out (That's the ribs where the seeds attach), being careful to not touch the knife or bits you are removing out to the inside fleshy bit of the pepper to see what I mean. taste the hab. Roasted habenero really BELONGS in some foods.
I could see having some fun with the bhut. Bhut curry powder immediately comes to mind. I can't help but think that would be a "Good Thing". The Gravy also sent me a nice recipe for hummus that incorporates bhuts, TMS, and one lonely habenero. I'll post that recipe when I post a video of me eating the TMS.

GB Hoyt