Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Blackness that is my Hand

ok, blogging with a 8mo in the house is rough.
she nappin' now though.

i wish you could see my right hand. it's awesomely bruised. i played superman with my bicycle saturday, and sprained my wrist. also wound up with some awexome ridge rash on my left knee and left shoulder.

anywho. gettin' ready for some summer break action on vacation involving north carolina, and Mt. Pisgah national forest. Should be ::The End:: when it comes to mtbiking so far in my life. hey i'll be at a real mountain for a change!!
hehe, i can't wait. but i gots to padd up my skillz.

i need a new helmet now...

dag, yo!


ps -- never try to install kde components from regular gnome based ubuntu 8.04.
apt-get autoremove removes about half your packages, including gnometerminal.
time for some bash hackin'!!