Monday, June 24, 2013

More Fun with End Fed Antennas Part 2

This is Part 2, Part 1 may be found here:

There is was, early (like 03:00 early) Sunday morning, and I was stuck with a film canister full of fail. I thought that maybe if I let the goop inside dry, the SWR problem would clear up! Makes sense right?

After waking up very late Sunday morning, I decided to check out the SWR, and it was still high, but not as high, 2:1 as opposed to OMG:1. I decided to wait some more, but in the mean time, I had a couple of other things I wanted to try. First of all, I wanted to try and build the antenna inside a sturdier box. Something that wouldn't let the antenna connector rotate, like the film canister does.
After wrapping and prepping a second iron donut/capacitor combo, I checked SWR again. Instead of going down, it went back up! over 4:1 this time. Time to cut my losses. I chopped out the matching unit, and opened it up, check out what I found:
It is green
Let me assure you, that things were not that color when I put it in the canister! Figuring this was a "Well there's your problem!" type moment, I prepped a small radio shack container I had left over from a previous antenna project. I stuck an eye-hook in one end, drilled out the other, and affixed a BNC on the cover.
EFHW Box Mark II
after buttoning things up and ensuring that the internals were shorting themselves out, I deployed it, and tested it.
EFHW, 20m model, DEPLOYED!

Boom, Match!

I got everything set just in time for the afternoon thunderstorms to move in and ruin the radio fun...
no more QSOs just yet, and I'm going to make some more refinements, but as it is, it works!

Next up, EFHW and W3EDP Showdown at the Shack in the Back!

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