Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Jorb!

I have a new one. Effective May 22nd (first day of work is technically the 24th), I am transferred to the Manufacturing Systems department as an intern! Yays! I get to be the do-boy again! Apparently I'll be doing interesting things with databases and VB for Access. Yes, I said Access, as in that Microsoft product that costs beaucoup de l'argent! Biggest change for me is that this is a day job. For the last 4.5 years I've worked the night shift doing something I am not even remotely interested in doing for another day in my life.

The company I work for is a good company to work for, but many times you have to take some 'less than desirable' (technical term used is 'crappy') job to get your foot in the door. When I first took this particular job is was something to do in the mean time while I continued raising support for the homeless ministry I started in Orlando. Economy and my own fund raising inexperience meant that things kind of floundered around until I had to give it up. It's always been a dream of mine to help churches understand that God doesn't take the 'special' and make them do great things, He starts with the willing. Watching my dream die a slow death was hard. Not to say it's dead, volunteers in Orlando continue the work to this day, but my dream of doing it full time is not working out. Plan B became a career in field of problem solving known as programming. Publix (my current employer) has many positions in the IT field, and I began pursuing a job in that department about two years ago. Seeing as my degree was in an 'unrelated' field, I began taking classes to complete a degree in computer sciences, and that is going ok, Sometimes better, sometimes worse. At my current rate, I'm about five years from a degree, haha!
that stinks.

So I'm taking a chance here, breaking out of a place where I don't like working, but that has some level of comfortability. It's a long row to hoe I'm on, but the work is steady, and I'm moving to a more rewarding job now intellectually. I also will be looking for full time work at the same time. Who knows, a year from now I could be slingin' C at production line controllers, or introducing the web development team to pair programming. Mostly, I'm grateful for the chance to meet new people, and be home at night. I think it will help my girls if I'm home at night, with mommy.

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