Friday, March 26, 2010

Totally Random

The key to success is to succeed! I miss all my friends. keeping the chin up and out and getting my block knocked off on a regular basis so that I can understand pain, and persistence are not necessarily related or necessary, but they can create a totally new outlook on why connection is important, and why relationships have to be nurtured and created anew each day so that each day when I wake up and find my bride there, I smile at the good, the bad and the ugly we do to each other every day because in the keeness of my relationship with my wife I understand that the relationships I share with others will pale over time and until I forget all but Christ, I will hold her in my heart so dear so loved so willing to listen to me, and able to understand the simplest things about me are often the most complex and the most complex can be summed in a few words, usually beginning and ending with love and grace, and where grace begins, love ends, and where love begins, grace ends, and together, with grace and love we have peace, but peace is hard because love and grace are hard.

Love and Grace are hard.

that is all.

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