Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Blooming Sequence Prediction UPDATE: Prediction Accurate!

So the third bloom on the T. simulata in my backyard has completely dried out, and there are no more blooms showing for now. I have a prediction to make, though. I believe I know where the next bloom will emerge from. Now that I've seen three, I believe that the next bloom will emerge from the bract opposite of and above the previous bloom. In other words, they bloom in a zig-zag pattern. I've been reading a lot of technical documents about plants, and T. simulata in particular, so I'm sure there's a technical name for this action, I haven't deciphered it yet. Below are some pictures of the area where I believe the next bloom will emerge, and some pups that the plant has. I'm keeping this short because I bet there's going to be a fourth bloom in the morning, and I want to spend more time talking about  that!
detail of the end of the spike
 Right in front of the 2nd blossom to bloom (blossom that's dead and hanging on the right side of the picture.)
Little Tiny thing in the middle is a pup
 Tiny Tiny pup in the middle.
Another detail shot
This picture gives the appearance that the bud may already be on its way! It seems to be open just ever so slightly on the right.

big pup
Big pup! Still has some growing to do.

So I saw the barest smidgen of the tip of a purple blossom on the bract I had predicted the next bloom would emerge from!

About 1mm of bloom showing!

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