Monday, May 23, 2011

Omelette au Fromage...

This post is not about justice,
It's about Simplicity!

Have you ever had something to eat that told you everything you needed to know in one bite? I've eaten bland, and I've eaten complex. I've eaten complex enough that it changes with every bite, but there is something to be said about something that tells you exactly what is going on when you take the first bite. This is the delightful situation known as simplicity. Saturday morning I had a wonderful adventure in simplicity. I wanted to get an omelette ready for my wife, and used what I had handy, fresh garden herbs, some "Mexican cheese" blend, and butter.
I <3 the butter!
Real butter, no margarine. Here's the run down:
mince all the herbs, but keep the basil separate from the rest. Usually I like to just kind of tear that up.
Beat the eggs with the thyme, rosemary, and sage. Set the mix up, add quarter cup shredded Mexican cheese, and shortly before folding add basil.
Fold and serve, I garnished with some basil flower sprigs to give it that bit of extra basily mintyness.
It was good!
Post rapture justice blog is coming, working on making the illustrations relevant for people who don't sleep on them streets!

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