Thursday, March 10, 2011

for... The Gastronome...

So it's late brunch time in my house. My middle daughter is wanting an 'egg on a blanket' basically a fried egg (well) on toast, with cheese between them. She loves that stuff. Recent controversy at my house has forbid the use of teflon covered pans, they are starting to peel, and so we don't cook on them anymore. It's ok, I got a cast iron skillet I can use for eggs. Apply butter, and voila! I don't need no stinkin' teflon!

looking at this hot skillet, I think to myself, 'I got a hot skillet, I should do something with it.' And immediately begin thinking about fried eggs. Then I paused....
I like spinach, and we recently bought some for a after church dinner salad. We didn't have all the leaves gone yet, so I've secretly been munching them instead of potato chips late night after I get home from work. Nomnomnomnomnom.. I really like raw spinach! I looked at that hot skillet and thought to myself 'Skillet needs some spinach.... and garlic'
hmmmmm, I crisped up some garlic, and spinach in the skillet, whipped the eggs together, poured them into the skillet, applied cheese, ham, more spinach, tri-folded it, garnished with a lil' rubbed sage(secret thing about me, I didn't make it if it don't got no sage), and plated it all up into the delicious looking thing on top of this blog post. I like giving away surprises, and let me tell you, you go do this at your house, you'll get a tasty surprise.
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