Tuesday, April 11, 2017

NAQCC CW Sprint Tonight!

I should participate, there's supposed to be prizes.
The kids will be going to bed....
I've got the gear ready to go....
One thing bothers me.
Logging. I lost my e-log due to a computer mishap (may be recoverable, idk yet), and it's keeping me behind at LOTW. I don't have a lot of QSOs to add over there, but I do have a few.
I have another logging program installed on my laptop right now, it uses some N1MM software.
Need to QRV...
info about the sprint/contest/prize:
Tomorrow night, April 11th ( The morning of April 12th for those of you not bothered by UTC conversions), will be the 150th NAQCC Monthly Sprint.  That's 12 and a half years of monthly NAQCC Sprints now - since the club was formed.  In honor of this momentous occasion, the leadership of the NAQCC has planned something special.
Info about NAQCC:
Will anyone be interested in trying to pick me out of the noise on 80m on 3579?
I'll fire up the NoGA Twin Tube 80, otherwise, I'll be QRV at the full QRP gallon (5w) using a Kenwood TS-140s.
My # 7276

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