Monday, July 25, 2011

My Wife Puts Up with Me, It's Why I Love Her.

Any you ladies out there married to a nerd?
My wife is married to a big ole nerd.
I like Star Trek over Star Wars,
Dr. Pepper over everything drinkable.
I watch birds. I use ruby, the language.

It's rough sometimes being married to a guy like me because I am an amateur radio operator, extra class. I've been a ham for over 11 years now, and it keeps getting more and more fun. Sometimes, it's even useful. It's rough on her because she's had to put up with me talking about W3EDP antennas, loops, J-poles, SWR, QSO,QTH,QRP, QRO, QRN, QRM, and WPM. I've built many of the radios I use, so she's listened to me drone on about VFO's, Matching networks, Final amplifiers, and block diagrams.
I think solder has a good stink. 'Nuff said?

So yep, here's to my woman! I can't seem to put the X in front of the YL when I think about her...


KTU said...


GB Hoyt said...

I'm trying to say that you are awesome because you put up with my radio stuff. It's not the only reason why, but it is important to me. Make sense?

KTU said...

I know, lol. I was just being a lug nut. Because that's usually what I say to you when you describe an antenna to me.

RMHoyt said...

Beautiful tribute and I am surprised to say that I understood ......some of it. Kelly as I am sure you know two people are put together for a reason. In this case 3 reasons - Ka-Ro, Emma and Gracie-Pooh! Love All of Y'all, Gammy