Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Why Dew Yew Move So Slow?"

In the back yard!
Welcome to Polk County. 


Our friend here was spotted climbing the fence in between the front and back yard while the kids were playing in the sandbox.  It walked up the fence and all the way down to the corner, turned around and walked back to the space between the two sheds in my back yard.

The Possum walks down the fence.

After walking down the fence he was in our back yard, so I had the kids get inside for safety.  As you can imagine, this was just the coolest thing ever to them!

Possum on the other hand wanted to duck out.

Possum tries to hide under the ladder.

After a failed attempt at accessing the underside of the shed Possum employed it's stealth ability.  Fortunately years of experience at Possum Hollow have given me superb possum detection abilities.  No matter how still it was, I could spot it.
Possum, bein' still...  Real Still. 

The instant The Possum saw me turn my back, it was around the corner, and under my shed.  They're tricky like that, moving slow, and stealthy, and then with a sudden burst of speed, just when they think you ain't lookin' and BAM! Possum Gone!
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