Friday, February 19, 2010

Yes, It's True.

I should be in bed.
It's red beans and rice day, officially, and it always is that I work really hard at delivering this meal on friday nite. going to try some new sausage in the recipe, maybe some kielbasa, nothing too spicy, although if I think I can get away with it, I would like to try a little andouille, or something equally "Louisiana" flav0red.

I tried to listen to a conference yesterday, and that was full of FAIL.

ok, so I have an idea, and as far as I can tell, no one is doing it yet, so I am now left with that dangerous conundrum, to collaborate, or to not collaborate? Basically, I am not looking to do anything new just yet, just trying to do something in a new way, synthesizing some goodness into an otherwise dreary outlook, and having some fun learning about Eclipse. Such as that is, I am trying to put a little jruby on machine(s), maven, some Android dev stuff, all in an attempt to tidy up my brainz and get to hacking my way around a Motorola fone, like say a Droid (snicker snicker), maybe I will own one by the summer. My Bro-in-law has a droid now, and I am trying to think of a good app to write for him, he's in the landscaping industry, so I've gots a few ideas. right now, I have a couple of ham radio ideas also floating around my noggin, but in order to really work them all out, I must first attain some knowledge of how exactly everything fits together.

I ain't gonna lie, Eclipse got a learnin' curve, I mean, POM, Java, all this java junk is weird to me right now, I admit, it scares me, but I see in it all a potential to take me to the next level. I have got to do it! Been a while since I've had a case of the "got to"'s like this.
I have goals.
Goal 1. Learn some Java.
Goal 2. Learn some Eclipse.
Goal 3. Develop useful app for Android using BDD.

n'om sayin?

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GB Hoyt said...

Red beans and rice was goooooood last nite, the roux comes together well with the rest of the meal. it gets you hungry when you walk into this house about 4pm.