Thursday, July 2, 2020

itching for a QRP Radio Kit

I'm itching for a kit radio, something like an SW+ only better receiver performance. the QCX+ looks like it has potential, cost is right, features look groovy. It's not shipping right now though because of a supply chain snafu.

I'd like other recommendation too. Anybody got any newer designs they'd suggest?

Must Do QRP on 40m, 20m or both.
Must take a straight key.
Well documented
Optional: Built in Keyer

I'd really like a PFR3 and a RockMite in 20m.
I'm also interested in modern designs using Raspberry PI.


Anonymous said...

Check out the HT-1A at


Don, K9DRP

GB Hoyt said...

Glowing review for the Rig on eHam, Don! I'll have to consider it.
It looks to have everything I want, I Definitely need to do more research.