Thursday, January 9, 2020

Several Points of Connection

Frontal cortex is overloading, so i'm trying to record this freeform.
picture a man frustrated with his morning because he's up on time, but others aren't they're not happy because the routine is off, but hey that's life right, try telling a five year old that's life.
it doesn't work
they're blocking progress, wife is frustrated, but functinoing, getting the others out the door, she's working at their school today. oldest is helping, you are working through frustration by physical activity. unload load function, progress, doing something. trashbag out and in, more coffee.
the mellow has been harshed.
wattaya do with a crying 5 year old  upset at the consequences of her action. I'm trying to be rational. I'm rational. I'm trying not to be angry. mostly it works. I'm just frustrated.
I don't want to be up either, well, that's not true, i do want to be up, but not like this.
i want harmony.
a phone call.
whoops, mixup at school, wife not working there today, instead she's coming back for the youngest.
pause, decompress, compress, reevaluate.
a brief exchange of words and Vision as she walks in gather's chicken, takes her off, a look, and she says "I want to be open, what if this happened for a reason, I was supposed to go and not work there"
flood of remembering:
Ester was there for "such a time as this"
each day has enough worry for it's own.
For such a time as this we are here now.
I'm overwhelmed, She's my helpmeet.
this is why.
cortex processes to next task.
less frustration.
still seeking home, but going to remember i'm here for such a time as this....

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